On 19 April, the Hungarian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (HNCC) Governing Board meeting was held at the Embassy in Oslo. During the meeting, the Board members were provided with a brief overview of the Hungarian economic situation, with a focus on investments and the strong trade balance. Additionally, the quarterly professional and financial report of the Chamber was discussed, as well as the upcoming programs and initiatives for this year.

Upcoming programs:

  1. On May 27-29, within the framework of the National Export Strategy tender (NEXT), the Embassy of Hungary and HNCC, in collaboration with three Hungarian electrotechnical companies (Emika, EmbedPro, Silveria), organized a stand at the Eliaden 2024 electrotechnical exhibition in Lillestrøm, near Oslo. This event provided an opportunity for these companies to showcase their products and services to Norwegian and market players.
  2. Based on preliminary plans, HNCC is planning to organize a business trip for Norwegian businessmen in September 10-12. The three-day program will focus on the Hungarian health industry, including visits to Budapest and Pécs. This trip will provide an opportunity for Norwegian businessmen to explore Hungarian health industry players and services.