Our HNCC member Csilla Krisar is the winner of this year’s learning environment award (læringsmiljøprisen) at Oslo Nye Høyskole (ONH) for her efforts of creating good learning environment for students in the medical biology and language study program.

The læringsmiljøprisen aims to put the spotlight on those who contribute to a good learning environment. Both students and staff have nominated candidates who in various ways have contributed to a good learning environment with their ability to motivate, inspire and guide students.

About Csilla:

“She is an extremely skilled, motivating and great teacher who has great knowledge of her subject. She motivates the students, lifts them up and sees each individual student for who they are. She learnt the names of the entire class very early and sees the potential in each and every student. She always has a smile on her face, and is very honest (which is very necessary!). Csilla undertook with great heart and commitment to take the students on a study trip to Pécs in Hungary every year, where they will continue their studies at ONH after one year.”

On behalf of HNCC, we congratulate to Csilla’s award and wish you many more joyful years of teaching!

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