From September 2022, the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University will launch a 7-semester, full-time, English-language Health Tourism Organizer Bsc course.

Graduates of the training take part in organising and managing health promotion activities, prepare projects that aim at developing health tourism and strengthening international cooperation, and they participate in the implementation of tourism development programmes of the European Union. The health care manager is a versatile professional who is profi cient both in health care processes and in the field of tourism. Their acquired knowledge comprises information on health, tourism and business, therefore they are not only able to see through, organise and coordinate the operation of health care institutions but with appropriate business knowledge they are able to market and manage them, too. The specialization provides the necessary knowledge to create health tourism, health preservation, curative and rehabilitation programmes.

Length of studies: 7 semesters, 210 credits



Major curricular components: System of Tourism, Theories and Methodology of Prevention, Rehabilitation, Legal and Ethical Issues in Medical Tourism, Health Care and Quality Management, Introduction to Health Tourism, Medical and Wellness Tourism, Health Tourism Development, Health Tourism Management, Tour Operation, Theory and Method of Prevention, Gastronomy and Reform Nutrition, Recreation and Fitness, Complex Physiotherapy, Stress Management Techniques and Methods, Rehabilitation, Environmental Economics, Cooperation and Service Chain, Project Management (Knowledge)

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