The bim.GROUP was involved in the design of the surface of the successful Twist at the Kistefos Museum. The Group has a long row of successful projects in Hungary and abroad, and now aims to compete on the Norwegian market with companies like Norconsult, Bollinger-Grohmann, Sweco and Ramboll. 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑨𝒓𝒕 𝒐𝒇 π‘¬π’π’ˆπ’Šπ’π’†π’†π’“π’Šπ’π’ˆ is the slogan of bim.GROUP. It faithfully reflects the values we convey to our clients: combining the precision of an engineer with the talent of an artist to create feasible constructions. For more news and references please visit our brand new website:

The Twist is partly a work of art and partly a feat of engineering.

-The Kistefos Museum was our entry to the Norwegian market, the designer colleagues of Baumetall who originally dreamed the museum, later become the part of bim.GROUP. The Novergian market has a lot of potential, Nordic design is world famous for a reason says Zsolt Ballay, COO of the hungarian founded bim.GROUP. Innovation and sustainability are the most important values for us when designing something new. We believe these values are especially important in Norway as well. We are eager to use our expertise, work together with local design studios, and strengthen our presence in the country.

Bim.GROUP has been operating in business for over 30 years and had the opportunity to work on around 3000 projects so far, including high-profile investments in the hungarian capital city in Budapest and also in various European locations.

Work of art – and a feat of engineering.
The Twist-museum is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and located in the Kistefos Museum’s 270,000 square meter sculpture park. The new structure – which was described as an β€œart museum, sculpture, path in the landscape, and bridge” – spans over the Randselva river.
The Twist houses three galleries dedicated to contemporary art. The aerea used by the sculpture garden is split by the river, so BIG decided to connect the two halves with the museum itself. The twisted design of the building enables it to rest on riverbanks of different heights. The Twist is partly a work of art and partly a feat of engineering.
BIG’s founder and creative partner, Bjarke Ingels, said the design had the potential to reimagine the museum experience, saying: “The museum visit itself will be a bridge, not a goal.

Innovative solutions

We are eager to use our expertise and innovative solutions, work together with local design studios, and strengthen our presence in Norway, says Zsolt Ballay, COO of bim.GROUP.Β 

-We are available for our customers with a full range of design services, says Zsolt Ballay. Using the newest and most innovative solutions, and keeping our design processes under expense control, we will find the best price-value solution for their individual needs.

Being a classic general design office for almost 30 years we combine the precision of an engineer with the talent of an artist to dream up feasible constructions. The responsibility of our team of more than 100 people is to create the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics in main disciplines of architectural design while paying attention to sustainability, effective operation, and value. We design buildings, steel and reinforced concrete structures, industrial facades, complex electrical and engineering infrastructures of buildings, which later manifest into monumental stadiums, industrial complexes, residential and office buildings, athletic and leisure centers. Value Engineering is the key to success at our Hungarian and international projects. We apply BIM and parametric design methodology to decision support or free-form structure design and treat our customers’ challenges as our own.

Chamber of Commerce welcomes the bim.GROUP to Norway

-We look forward to welcoming another Hungarian company that will invest seriously in Norway, said Adam Laska, head of the Hungarian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. – We will do our utmost to ensure that they succeed!
Among the well-established Hungarian companies in Norway are Vajda paper, while Eyde Maskin and Kongsberg Gruppen, both commissioned in Hungary, are among the members of the Chamber of Commerce.



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