Electromega Ltd., an electric garbage truck producer, was founded in 2009 in Hungary. They specialized their research and development activities in the segment of heavy weight utility vehicles, manufacturing FULL electric-powered waste collecting trucks. In 2014 – with close cooperation of Technical University of Debrecen – they started building their first truck of this kind. Nowadays, Electromega owns two full electric, zero emission garbage trucks, which were built by their R&D engineering team. Their production line can build upto 500 trucks per year so they are looking for new market opportunities and possible Norwegian partners as well.

It became very important to reduce waste transportation fleets cost and also their noise effect in the urban environment. Electromega offers a zero emission, non-pollutant, silent garbage truck with a significant cost reduction in daily operation. Their electric truck consumes four time less energy than the traditional diesel trucks and it provides a 25% better economical service cost. They estimate that within 20 years roughly EUR 465 thousand can be saved by using their EV technology. The battery pack operates for 10 years without changing them, — with proper maintenance in place –, still at an 80% efficiency rate.

Inquiries are welcome at info@hncc.no